Home Buying Quick Reference Guide

If you are in the process of buying a home you may have noticed that there is a lot more to the process than meets the eye. If you have not yet gone through the home buying process, you may have no real idea of all the steps and motions that are involved in the process. Not only is there a huge process involved, there are also many subtle steps that can aid and help things work out much more smoothly.Rather than just buying a home perhaps you should be looking to buy the right home. The right home for each and every family will be different. This is the point where you should sit down with your family and discuss exactly what it is that you are looking for in a home. How many bedrooms do you want and how many can you settle for if there is absolutely no choice in the matter? How many square feet do you want and how many can you and your family comfortably tolerate? Do you need a basement or do you just want one? What about parking? How many spaces do you absolutely need? Do you need a fenced yard? How much yard do you need?There are so many questions and this is only about the house. What about the community? Do you want a strong community feeling such as you would find in a gated community? Do you want a community park, swimming pool? How about community activities in which you and your family could participate? Would you rather be left alone? How close do you really want your neighbors? What about the stores nearby? Do you need to live within walking distance of stores, schools, parks, and entertainment or do you prefer a little bit of a commute? How about the schools? Will they serve the needs of your children while providing an outstanding education? These questions may seem like too much but they go a long way in helping you find the best possible house for you and your family.Then there are the questions about the condition of the house you are considering. Are there minor or major repairs that need to be made to the home? Are you willing to make the necessary repairs? How much will they cost and can you negotiate a better price as a result? Will you be able to do the work yourself or will you need to hire professionals? How about legality? Are the repairs needed repairs that you can make on your own or will you need a licensed contractor to do the work? Are the repairs merely cosmetic? Most importantly can you live in the house while the repairs are being made or until the repairs can be made?Asking these questions, debating the answers and reaching a compromise that everyone can agree on is part and parcel of the home buying process. Perhaps the biggest secret to buying a home is compromise. Buying a home is a lesson in compromise for all parties involved. Remember if you already have children this may require them leaving their friends and beginning again in a brand new school. Giving them a voice in the process can help ease the pains of leaving behinds friends and those things that they find familiar. Most importantly, by learning to compromise it is quite likely that everyone in the family will find something to love about your new home.

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